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  1. Dear Al
    I found your post from June 4, 2014 on artist jewellry.
    You show a picture of a Jean Arp necklace.
    Is it possible to inquire the location of this necklace?
    I’m very interessted in that topic as I am just trying to identify a unique necklace with a sculptural scarved wooden pendant which has the same construction and closure.
    I appreciate your answer and thank you very much!

    • Hi,

      This pendant/necklace is owned by a friend of mine in Miami. It is from an edition of 6. If you look at a copy of the book “Bijoux D’ Artistes” Homage to Francois Hugo; Editeur Les Cypres it shows that wood molds were made before the gold pieces were made. You may have discovered one of these molds. What an amazing possibility.


      • Hi Al

        Thank you very much for your quick and helpful answer.
        What an amazing possibility. You name it!
        The pendant is signed with an unidentified monogram.
        It’s not the monogram of Jean Arp (or at least I wouldn’t know this one).
        But still there is definitely a craftsman quality and sense of art in it.
        May I ask you to send you a picture of it?

        Best wishes from Switzerland

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