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Although fashion is not something I get excited about, this Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition is pretty over the top.

Look at the photos and short videos from the exhibit. I attended this traveling exhibition in Paris recently which was set up at the Royal Palais through August 3rd.

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Glenn Adamson, director of Museum of Arts and Design NYC gives an insightful look at the career of Harry Bertoia at Knoll to celebrate what would have been Harry’s 100th birthday.

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Phillips Auction House/London is having a major Design auction on April 28, 2015. Examples including the “Lockheed lounge” designed by Marc Newson and “Miss Blanche” & a “Feather Stool” by Shiro Kuramata will go under hammer that day. These 3 lots are some of the most iconic pieces of design from the last 30-40 years and exceedingly rare to come up at auction.


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Welcome to the whimsical world of Piero Fornasetti in a fascinating review of the life and work of this innovative Italian artist. Exhibition with approximately 4000 items he designed now open at Musee de Arts Decorativs in Paris through June 14th.


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